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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode 42: Kings knight

Well one of my Top choices for underrated titles for the NES, it Does Lack alot of Valve for a purchase for the VC, WHY? for starters its a great title for those who can sit and look back at it and discover some interesting elements of game play, But i suggest just Buying the Cart or Roming the sucker. newer generation children (i am referring to the whiners or the people who complain about difficulty and get frustrated quick) the game does Lack alot too it to make it something mainstream, , just More, yes the multiable characters to switch with while in movement is one of the elements i refer too to be interesting But the game alone, isn't as Pair to a Good VC Price to pay for. like i said Stick to buying the real cart, or playing it threw emulation.

the conclusion to what i said above.

Not a Good VC Purchase, Lacks allot to be a good valve for those who want a straight forward Shooter, but a great title for something of a twist on Shooters if your into that.