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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Episode 44: Kirby's Dream Land 3

Kirby's Dream Land 3, from the other titles this one is different, you get a few new
friends to use to combo up your
Special skills as of course you Suck,
and by suck i mean Suck up enemy's and release the inner Zen, Power that is
from Various Power ups to enhance your soft pink skin ...
no not that kinda pink skin... pervs.
for Kirby Hardcore fans this game is a treat...
because their addicting to the freaking series anyways so why not this one.

for me the game play seemed a little slow, but that's good
for young Gamers who are ...well young and don't like fast stuff...
like life it self!

The download is this title worth your investment to
purchase and play when this title comes out i suggest
picking it up for one reason test to the series it has been
around its a very decent title, thou may seem boring at times
it does pick up nice elements of game play.
And the environments attract the eye because their
basically yoshi's Island engine all over it.
The Music was well produced and i enjoyed it when i needed something to get to sleep with.

Down low, get the title, its a great.

(Tips + Tricks)
Trick for this game is simple Pick a good mount and a Power up and realize how it will
help you advance threw the stages!.