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Friday, September 12, 2008

Episodes 46-50!

Episode 46: Super Turrican 2
Much like contra and Metroids Bastard love child, here is a excluively addicting, and sometimes hard title, but non-the-less, Factor 5's creation was something that was interesting to add so many elements for this action packed title but is it worth your wii points?

Episode 47: (Suggestion) Magical Chase
Shooter that has the Best TG16 graphics for the Generation, based off the Non-CD set up for the system, this game showed the Peak of the tg16's Perfection. But is it really worth the valve if it gets released?

Episode 48: Super Mario Bros 3
All time Classic, everyone who known of a Nes, knows of This game for its classic well rounded diffculty, surprising gameplay and outstanding music, this isnt a Rant about how great it is, but Pick it up today, and watch the video!

Episode 49: Donkey Kong 3 (Guest Host Vipor29!)
somewhat not looked at as much, but a collectors must have, but is this title worth the 5oo Wii Points ot Pump into this game? is it for the score, or waste of time.

Episode 50!: Super Mario Bros 2 (AKA The Lost levels Guest Host Vipor29!)
Most of the levels in this game are classeda s the most Challenging and hardest levels in mario's long history, but is it worth your wii points!? let my brother guesthosting let you find out.