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Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode 59: World of Goo

World of goo

To a eye point this title reminds me of a Dark Dr Staus world
but with no cat and the hats or no green eggs and ham in sight.

Covering that Theme, its just that, a Freaking Children s book on Crack.
but dont let that shy you Away from hte Puzzle game play, Like Lemmings
this game Disrupts what you think about Sidescroller puzzle games and
makes you Think more.

Every Level in this game has its charm and Humor.
for Children this game might keep themWhining"oh its too hard"
but for older folks ,this game might be a tad too easy for some parts.
Every level in this game never Dulls, for the orginality. Clever stories
keep the game flowing and explain every themed Chapter, which there are five.

The problems i had with this game more then anything for the PC Copy i am using
is NO VOLUME!!! Also the Clutter of the lil Goo's do block your eye contact from
getting the job done on More Speedier levels, because yes you need to Move quick
in some levels to complete.

The Object of the game is to Get as many Goo's to the pipes as possible. For being
a Lemmings Revival. it is adorable!! The Valve of this title which is 1.500 Wii
Points and 20 Bucks for PC.

It is Worth Your Wii Points.