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Monday, July 14, 2008

Updates for 7/14

Worked on a New Video Expect that soon. i need to also update the episodes on here, but also treat this site more like a blogsite, then anything else.... ALSO in the works in the New PodCast for WorthWiiPoints or known as WWP, it will be a royality free show, where i will invite folks and Maybe some folks from the "suits" as alot like to call them or better known as the game creator, i will be requiring the help from none other then the owner of:

also I Might appear on the Kidd dogg show .

Which might i add he is a Smashing guy to speak with in person so check out his content Today or when your done glancing at that Hentai on your second Tab!

Any which way I will be Converting All of my Top Episodes of Wii Points to Ipod Format. As well as Normal Radio which will be Standard MP3 Format.