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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Updates for the blog as we go along!

Thats right folks the blog site is going some updates, feature wise, trying ti include a more clear and easy to see interface, including a Working Music station for Royality free music you have heard from wii points Plus some Music, from Various other sources, the player will be constructed towards the top of the site, but wont Autoplay, so it will remove stress to the ears, all that will come in the future.

Also a slight chance the site will convert to a Website domain sharing with a close friend of mine TG716 on Youtube!!, but plans for that are just thought so nothing is on black and white just a thought.

As for Gamers unlimited i will be placing up classic episodes on the site and future as well as i feel ready, 3 to 4 sites Times the episodes i make is Hard work, but somebody gotta do it!

also i will inclde a Suggestions Bar on here so suggesttions will be more organized for me to review and consudder (aside from the classic death threat and all that diarea).

Also for a good luagh please watch Trapped In The Gameplay: